For those requiring a non-religious service this can be a very difficult time when life is difficult enough already.

I offer a secular service tailored to your exact wants – usually working inconjunction with a Funeral Director (though this isn’t compulsory). I will visit you – often more than once – beforehand. I will establish your basic requirements and make suggestions to help you achieve a complete and representative ceremony. After I have written your ceremony especially for you, I will normally visit a second time so that we can check the facts, the style and make any last-minute alterations.

I can include any elements – within what is allowed by the venue – so that you can have the service that best suits your occasion. The fact that I am a secular celebrant does not prevent the inclusion of hymns, prayers and other ‘spiritual’ elements. With the help of a number of friendly advisors I am able to include pagan and shamanic elements too.

Recently I created a service (for my own brother) which was held in the skittle alley of his favourite pub followed by burial on a nearby nature reserve. His cardboard coffin was papered with his drawings (see photo), his letters to and from the great and the good, photographs from his life and other meaningful memorabilia. I invited the gathering to study and add to this work of art after the ceremony (still in the skittle alley) while we ate and drank to his memory to the sound of live jazz from his favourite band with the bar open. You really can have whatever kind of sending-off you want!


A coffin being decorated by the family at home (no, he's not in it!)


There are many separations in life. Death is the most obvious though by no means the only one. Divorce, splitting-up, losing someone or even something. Sometimes we want to say good-bye to a person before they go – while they are still able to understand and be aware of what’s happening.


Pre-planning your funeral allows you to say just how you want it to be when the time comes. Choose music, tributes, photos – even select your undertaker and celebrant! Sounds grim? Well, it isn’t. I will come and chat to you, I’ll guide you towards making simple, clear decisions that allow you or your nearest and dearest to rest assured that all will go as planned. And what’s more, there is


Call me and ask for further details.